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Price Guides last updated: December 2013

The State of ... Prices are still soaring and continue their upward trajectory at an amazing clip reminiscent of the early part of the century.  2013 saw some prices increase 50% and almost everything NFA is up at least 25%. Equities also increased 30% in 2013 and are the highly hyped success story in a mostly dismal economy. Are the NFA increases another result of artificially low interest rates and the Federal Reserve pumping money into the economy? Could the Fed’s successful attempt at reflating the stock market be affecting other things in specifically unique areas? We don’t really know but it’s surprising how many NFA things now sell on Gunbroker, even after discounting shill bid fake sales.

One thing is sure. The average American is extremely apprehensive concerning the intent of the ruling class towards gun owners and potential gun owners. Supported by their MSM lackeys and Hollywood stooges, the attempts to chip away 2nd Amendment rights are endless. Lately their target is Veterans with backdoor traps through Obamacare mental health rules to deny these people the right to gun ownership. The fact is that the anti-rights group is relatively small in numbers, with enormously influential support, meaning that gun owners must be ever vigilant to bring the issues to the people. This week brought a story about some Hollywood fat-guy producer that in conjunction with Meryl Streep is making a film to destroy the NRA. His comment, "And they’re going to wish they weren’t alive after I’m done with them", might be just a little overblown, but makes his intent perfectly clear. Somewhere along the way, the fact that the NRA is millions of regular people, gets lost in the zeal for more better faster bigger social engineering.

With all this going on, the ruling class is still influencing many more gun sales and it must chaff their chaps.

Speaking of the Fed, here’s a funny in the vein of the TV commercial that constructs unrelated events to not let cable ruin your day. (A Pfennig for Your Thoughts 1/16/2014)

    When you print money you monetize your debt.
    When you monetize your debt you think you owe less money.
    When you think you owe less money you go and spend more money you don't have.
    When you spend money you don't have you go bankrupt.
    When you go bankrupt your creditors seize your house.
    When you have no house you are homeless, put your belongings in a shopping cart and sleep in a underpass.
    While sleeping in an underpass someone steals your shopping cart.
    Don't let anyone steal your shopping cart, stop printing money.

More of the Continuing JPFO Rant - There’s been a few negative comments about this, but if you had a father or grandfather that fought in the Pacific during WWII, you may be alive today due to the nuclear bombing of Japan that ended the war in the Pacific. At least 1 million US and up to 4 million Japanese lives were saved when Japan surrendered, negating the anticipated invasion of Japan. My dad was Army Air Force in India and Burma during the war and was being readied for the invasion. His life was likely spared due to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For JFPO to allow revisionists a voice to equate these events with the Nazi Holocaust is disgusting. This rant will stay until JFPO addresses the issue. If you don’t like it, skip it or start your own freakin website.

 JPFO used to be a no-nonsense civil rights organization with special emphasis on the rights of self defense. Unique for a Jewish organization. Then Mr. Zellman passed away and they may have lost their compass. Last October, one of their correspondents penned an article about government sponsored genocides that included this paragraph:

    I've seen many other programs about the Nazi Holocaust -- or Shoah (the  "Catastrophe") as it's also been called -- and so have you. Along with the Turkish slaughter of the Armenians, the Chinese "Massacre of the Landlords", Stalin's deadly crimes, (I would also include what happened  at Hiroshima and Nagasaki), and the insanity of the Cambodian Killing Fields, the Nazi Holocaust, the principal horror of the 20th century,  was the crowning achievement of untrammeled statism in an age which, not by any means coincidentally, saw the rise of the gigantic super-government.”

Include what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki among the genocides of the 20th Century? We know what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki; Nuclear bombs were dropped on Japanese cites causing widespread destruction and massive casualties causing the previously reticent Japanese to surrender. Subsequently, the planned invasion of Japan was canceled, saving millions of Japanese and Allied lives. The casualties numbered in the hundreds of thousands. JPFO was way out-of-line to equate those acts of war with the 100s of millions liquidated by their own governments. You be the judge as I still haven’t seen any retraction from JPFO.

Machine Gun Price Guide - The definite source of machine gun price information on the Internet. The MGP contains price information for over 100 transferable automatic weapons. Navigate to the Price Guides to find a particular category and select a thumbnail for a full screen display of an easily understandable chart of average prices and trends in a high/low window over many years of history.

The uniqueness of our Constitution and the rights recognized and protected by the Bill of Rights makes the US one of the only countries in the world to allow civilian ownership of automatic weapons. This privilege is controlled by various laws and regulations that exist to control and restrict ownership. Regardless of your stand on the fairness or even the constitutionality of the regulations, follow the links below to begin understanding what defines a machine gun an individual may own and how to acquire/dispose of them in ordinary commerce.

Transferability - What’s a “Transferable Gun”?

NFA Forms

The Transfer - How to Sell (Buy) a Machine Gun

The M60 Civilian Owner’s Guide by Thomas T. Hoel
The Mechanics of Heckler & Koch NFA Conversions by Thomas T. Hoel
A MAC History Lesson by William D. Ehringer

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