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Machine Gun Price Guide is the exclusive source of machine gun price information. MGPG contains price information for over 100 transferable automatic weapons. Simply navigate to the Price Guides to select a category of machine gun and display a chart of average price and trends in a unique high/low window over 20+ years of history.

The rights recognized and protected by the Bill of Rights of the Constitution allow civilian ownership of automatic weapons. This is limited by various rules and regulations (NFA34, GCA68, FOPA86) that exist to control and restrict ownership. Regardless of your stand on the fairness or even the constitutionality of the regulations, the links at the bottom of this page will help you understand what a transferable machine gun is and how to acquire/dispose of them in ordinary commerce.

About Israel - In October, the terrorist group Hamas attacked Israeli citizens, killing close to 1500 and committing atrocities including rape and mutilation. Hundreds of hostages were taken, including woman and children, earning Hamas an A+ for their kill all Jews course work. The Israeli response is to wipe out Hamas wherever they exist and that means Gaza. Keep in mind that nobody gives a fat rat’s ass about the Gazans especially Hamas and the other Arab countries. The people of Gaza are merely pawns utilized by Hamas for human shields and funding. Hamas’ master, Iran’s primary goal is to eliminate Israel and the Jews from the Middle East and then the world. Israel and Saudi Arabia being close to a friendly arrangement was intolerable for Iran. Thus the Hamas terrorists were unleashed. The losers? The Gazans, of course, but nobody really cares.

American college students appear to care about the Gazans. But their concern is a result of years of Marxist indoctrination that detests a successful democracy like Israel. Throw in a healthy dose of antisemitism that the Third Reich would envy and the little weasels are off burning down delicatessens. Now the professional left wing rioters are involved, directing the oh-so-woke students to occupy and destroy their $80k a year ivory towers. Can ethnic cleansing be far behind. Eisenhower’s prediction that the world would forget the Holocaust without constant reminding has an eerie feel.

About Ukraine - There will be no winners in this conflict; only losers. The big losers are the people of Ukraine suffering the horror and destruction of war. Please support them in any way you can.

To the evil Russians it’s always about geography. Having a NATO armed aggressor 100 miles from Moscow is intolerable, just as an armed Cuba was to the US in 1962. Russia has always looked to strengthen its Western border and Ukraine’s Orange Revolution (CIA led government change) in 2004 provoked them. Russia wouldn’t invade Ukraine with Trump as President, but planning an invasion when FJB took office was a no-brainer. Slo-Joe’s in a tough spot. The evil Ukrainians have all the dirt on FJB and Hunter’s criminal payoffs, so he can’t afford for them to be overrun. This means billions of dollars of military aid will flow, guaranteeing a long conflict and a horrible outcome for the people of Ukraine.


Corporate Gun Control Steps Aside for more Corporate Wokeness

Discover Financial Services leads 2023 for their scheme to lead the woke world in invading your privacy. Starting in April, Discover Card implemented a new ISO merchant code for gun and ammunition sellers. So if you pop into Cabellas and buy a new thermos bottle, you’ll be identified as a gun purchaser. What could go wrong? The woke moron that leads Amalgamated Bank proposed the new identifying code to the Geneva-based standards organization and they thought is was just spiffy, because they’re, you know, European. Gun grabbers throughout the world are rejoicing about this action, because they’re convinced the socialist run US cities that have horrendous problems of children killing children will get resolution by further identification of law abiding gun owners. Let’s stop here for a moment of sanity, but if you have a Discover Card, vaporize it now!

Disney won the “Hello, We’re Woke” award for 2022. Stepping in to fight Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law which restricts public schools from teaching gender identity to 5 to 8 year old children was the shield they chose to die on. Apparently, the woke CEO just had to respond to concerns of a small minority of employees to resist the so-called Don’t Say Gay Act. Ironically, the equally woke Teacher’s Union said they don’t include gender or sexual training for kids of that age, but they were fighting the Act also for unknown reasons probably related to the fact that they were lying about it. Florida responded by stripping Disney of their special self-governing status and the company’s market share plummeted. Maybe they can pick up and move to Minnesota.

Corporations continue to trip over each other to appear more woke than the other and some are doing real damage beyond white supremacy seminars. Bank of America donated a billion bucks to what they say are communities of color and minority-owned businesses. How much of that gets to the Marxist groups BLM and ANTIFA is not known, but some will surely be used to incinerate the communities of color and minority-owned businesses. Then there are the usual social media suspects, Twitter and Facebook using their increased wokeness to further their censoring and banning of unapproved speech while allowing anti-American and antisemetic violent hatred to flourish. Professional Sports are piling on. The NBA cries alligator tears for BLM lead equality riots while in bed with China, ignoring their horrible human rights abuses. The NFL is ... well the NFL.

The CEO and fearless leader of Ben & Jerry’s celebrated her wokeness by deciding that they would join the BDS movement against Israel. It appears that B&J’s believe “it is inconsistent with our values for Ben & Jerry’s to be sold in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.” No mention is made of the PLO rocket attacks on the Israeli population. Their parent company, Unilever and the fearless leader issued weasel worded statements to the affect that this was not BDS, but everyone knows it is. Unilever has many familiar brands to ignore, such as:

      Axe, Breyers, Dove (health & beauty not chocolate), Hellmanns, Knorr, Lifebuoy, Lipton,
      Pure Leaf, Sun Light, Closeup, Klondike, Talenti, Lever 2000, Noxzema, Persil, Q-tips,
      Seventh Generation, Suave, VO5, Vaseline

The most dangerous of the newly woke is the US Military. We (and they) have been fighting Marxists and socialists off and on for over 70 years and now they’re in charge of indoctrinating the US Military. Wait, What? Lloyd Austin, who is the Secretary of Defense, has decreed to purge what he calls extremism from the military with socialist led diversity training. They are promoting the philosophies of the 1619 project that says the United States was created to support slavery and is inherently evil. So equate woke to weak. When our military strength is designing service-woman’s maternity uniforms and not kicking bad guy’s asses, we’re all in real trouble.

An organization called Business Must Act ( publishes a list called the Gun Safety Scorecard, grading companies based on their anti-2A qualities. It’s really important to understand that you can only vote with your feet and the fact is that there are lots of alternatives to these misguided social justice warriors gun grabbers. Make sure they feel you voting!

    Walmart - A maniac murdered 22 and injured 24 others in El Paso, TX. Walmart responded by terminating handgun sales (only sold in AK), removing short-barrel ammo, whatever that means (seems to indicate 5.56mm for AR-15s), restricting the sale of most pistol ammo and banning open carry in their stores. Walmart can’t keep you safe and they want to make sure you can’t defend yourself also. They’re also lobbying for more useless “gun safety reform”. Sam must be rolling in his grave.

    Dicks - Corporate leaders announced they were not only removing so-called assault weapons from their stores, but also hiring lobbyists to promote gun control in Congress. Then the corporate wizards said they would destroy (melt down?) existing inventory. In case you didn’t know, Dicks customer base is solidly outdoor, hunting & fishing types.

    Levis - President/CEO announces millions of dollars being donated to anti-gun groups because they were ‘inspired by the young people who are speaking up on America’s gun violence epidemic’. The groups include Bloomberg’s Everytown and the Gifford’s Fight Gun Violence.

    Yeti - Terminates NRA-ILA partnership promotion using the terminology ‘recent events’ as the issue.  Then they double down by calling the NRA spokesman’s account a big lie, but do nothing else to solve the issue. Yeti coolers are equipment used by campers, hunters and fisherman.

    Benchmade - An Internet picture surfaces showing the knife maker’s proprietary equipment being used by the Oregon City, PD to destroy guns. The pic quickly disappears, but further investigation finds the company almost exclusively donates to Democrat Party anti-gun politicians. The owner tries to spin the picture fact but doesn’t talk about donations. The jury is still out, but the real issue is anti-gun political donations.

    Buffalo Wild Wings - Beer and wings sports bar joint with many locations. These guys display large no guns allowed signs on their entrance. Lots of places have beer, wings and TVs everywhere, so comply with their wishes and go somewhere else.

    Nike - These people piss me off, but they know their customers and they’re not me. They’re so woke that they think the American Flag is offensive.

The ESG/DEI movement is showing major cracks because it’s hurting the bottom line for large corporations. Let those businesses that disagree with your right to self defense know that you won’t be stopping by.


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